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Our therapeutic massages are customized for your individual needs. Consult with our licensed massage therapist to determine a technique that best suits you. De-congest muscles and assist blood flow and oxygen to injured or tense areas bringing the body into healing and balance.


*Swedish:  This is a relaxation massage using long flowing strokes to gently ease muscle tension.

*Deep Tissue:  Like Swedish, but with a deeper pressure. It’s beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension

*Shiatsu: A more aggressive massage that wakes up the body by stimulating the blood flow. Pressure points are used in this technique.

*Acupressure: This helps to balance Meridians, relieve pain and tension.

*Reflexology: Promotes relaxation by releasing nerve pathways from congestion. This helps to return the body to a state of balance and harmony.

*Occipital Release: A non invasive approach to releasing tension in the neck by gently lifting and holding the head. When release is completed (usually with 2 minutes) fingers sink into occipital. Tension is gone.

*Trigger Point Therapy: Relieves muscular aches and pains from specific areas.

*Aromatherapy: Helps to promote well being with the mind, body and spirit.

*Sports:  Geared for athletes.

*Pregnancy: Tailored for the expectant mother.

*Lymphatic Drainage: Removes lymph and swelling from an area so that the body can drain it properly.

*Cupping: The suction helps to mobilize blood flow to promote healing by releasing deep muscle tension, moving lymph and toxins from the system.

*Hot Rocks: Warm stones are used with the massage to melt the tension from the body.

*Cellulite Treatments: Special essential oils, massage techniques and cupping are used to bring up blood flow and help to flush the system of toxins that are held in fat cells.

*Body Wraps: Used for exfoliation, relaxation, detoxification.

*Powder Massage: This is done using powder, not oil. It’s a very light pressure for extreme trance like relaxation

*Foot/Back Scrubs (wrapped in hot towels, then massaged with hot butter).

 Our favorite massage is the combination massage. This massage is tailored to each client individually. We like to start by using essential oils to help heighten the state of relaxation. Long smooth strokes gently relax the client and then when more pressure is desired, we do so. If the client suffers from headaches, neck, and shoulder problems, we do a cranial release and use acupressure points.  For TMJ and Sinus treatments, essential oils and Trigger Point Therapy are suggested.  For Sciatica and low back issues a Psoas Release and acupressure points have been extremely helpful. All of these modalities are used at no extra cost. The object is to have the clients muscles relaxed without them feeling as though they were beaten up. 


  • Swedish…$80
  • Deep Tissue…$90
  • Shiatsu…$90
  • Reflexology 20 min…$50
  • Headache Cranium and face 30 min$40
  • Sinus or TMJ 30 minutes…$40
  • Psoas Release 30 minutes…$50
  • Sports…$90
  • Pregnancy…$80
  • Cellulite Massage 30 minutes (Package price)…$60
  • Cellulite Cupping Massage and wrap 80 min…$160
  • Lymphatic Drainage…$80
  • Cupping…$80
  • Powder Massage…$80
  • Hot Rocks (add hot rocks to your massage for $25) 60 min  $90

Foot Scrubs with hot towels and a hot butter massage  $30